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Dr Chih-Chun Chen


MA Psychology with Philosophy, University of Oxford

PhD, MSc Computer Science, University College London 

Worked at Yahoo Europe, Microsoft Research, Deutsche Bank, e-skills UK, Oxford Playhouse, Old Fire Station Theatre

Departments and Institutes

Department of Engineering:
Research Associate

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in the relationship between conceptual models and statistical models, e.g. different biological models and regularities in failure; different cognitive models and patterns of error. I have a research background in Complex Systems Science and have applied very different techniques in the context of interdisciplinary studies, e.g. agent-based modelling, computational statistics, network analysis, computational topic analysis, survey design, and interviews (with real people!). The systems/topics I've worked on and am still interested in are biological (e.g. Neuron migration, Cancer), social (e.g. learners in the same cohort), socio-techno (e.g. Wikipedia, Flickr, GoodReads). Currently though, my main interest is in the relationship between cognitive models and patterns of error.


Systems Engineering ; Automated reasoning ; Bayesian methods ; Big Data ; Social Media ; Adaptive Learning ; Modelling ; sentiment analysis ; Complex Systems ; Social Networks ; Networks ; Analytics ; discourse analysis