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Dr Jennifer Cobbe

Coordinator, Cambridge Trust & Technology Initiative


I am the Coordinator of the Trust & Technology Initiative, based at the Computer Laboratory in the Department of Computer Science and Technology. The Trust & TevhnTechn Initiative catalyses and facilitates multi-disciplinary research on issues relating to society, trust, and computer and internet technologies.

The Initiative sets Cambridge’s strategic agenda around trust and technology, and fosters collaboration and engagement with industry, civil society, government, and the public around three key themes:

  • Rigorous technical foundations, for reliable, secure and safe computer systems
  • Relationships and interplays between technology and society; the nature of trust: trust in technology, and trust through technology
  • Applications within specific systems, in areas such as transport, critical infrastructure, identity, manufacturing, healthcare, financial systems and networks 

As well as conventional interdisciplinary research, we are keen to explore what value the initiative can offer potential partner organisations, including networking and brokering support, workshops and roundtables, strategic reports, and other services.

Research Interests

While I work in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, my background is in law, taking an interdisciplinary approach to look at the impact of the use of machine learning systems by corporations and states in the areas of public law, human rights,  surveillance, privacy, and data protection. In the Computer Laboratory I am part of the Compliant and Accountable Systems research group. My current primary area of research is on applying administrative law standards and judicial review processes to automated decision-making in order to develop standards, mechanisms, and tools for legally compliant and reviewable systems in the public sector.