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Dr Mansoor Raza


Having completed an MSc from Imperial College London in Biological Sciences, Mansoor subsequently carried out PhD research in neural regeneration at the University of Cambridge. He combined his interest in IT and telecoms to carry out research in computational biology and mathematical modelling at the University of Cambridge. He carries out research on early venture capital focusing on entrepreneurial hotspots and networks.

Previously, he has worked on risk analysis projects to promote data interpretation. He worked as a research analyst and manager at a leading telecoms, media and technology consultancy. His main focus was on the European and US markets; creating future forecasts, company reports and pricing studies.

Research Interests

Dr Mansoor Raza's research interests are in the analysis and interpretation of company success metrics with emphasis on key stakeholders and company inter-dynamics. He helps prepare future entrepreneurs with vital training for the commercial environment.

He has research interests in the biological sciences with a focus on biotechnology especially in its uses in development and regeneration.


Mathematical Modelling ; Healthcare ; Investment ; Health ; Medicine ; Molecular Dynamics ; Neural Networks ; Clustering Algorithms ; Risk ; Computational biology ; Complex Networkis ; Modelling ; Biomarkers ; Bioinformatics ; Neuroscience ; Probabilistic Programming ; Image analysis ; Experimental Neuroscience ; Simulation ; Data Mining ; Big Data in Biology ; Trophoblast ; Parallel computing ; Molecular Biophysics ; Molecular biology ; Big Data ; Machine Learning ; Analytics ; Stem Cells ; Networks