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Dr Stefan Köstler

Departments and Institutes

Department of Genetics:

Research Interests

Evolution generates novel functions of proteins that drive development of organisms with increasing complexity. On the other hand there exists functional redundancy between related proteins. In the case of the SoxB1 family of transcription factors these shared functionalities are conserved over 800 million years of evolutionary time. In the group of Prof. Steve Russell I am aiming to decipher common and differential SoxB1 functions during early development of the Drosophila melanogaster CNS to obtain a better understanding of redundancy. I apply Drosophila genetics, genomic methods like ChIP-seq, and advanced microscopy methods. Furthermore, I established an online tool for the community curation of dynamic gene/protein interactions during fly eye development.


Evolution ; Data base curation / ontology ; Gene / protein interaction networks ; Imaging ; Regulation of gene expression / transcription