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Editing Your Profile

On signing up, an administrator will create a basic profile for you. You may edit this profile to include information on your research interests, key publications or websites. 

NOTE: to change the departmental affiliation(s) listed in your profile, or the Research Themes you are interested in, please the site administrator.

Logging in

Log in using the grey button in the top right of the site, authenticating using Raven. 

When you login, you will first see an 'Attribute Release' which contains information fed from the central University lookup database. This information is not displayed on the public website and is only used for authentication (click OK to proceed).

In some cases, information in the Attribute Release may be out of date. This can be remedied by visiting and editing your details there. 

Once logged in, you can navigate to your profile in the Research Directory (or search using the box in the top right hand corner).



Click on 'Edit' in the green bar at the top of your profile entry, underneath your name (this bar is only visible when you are logged in).

Of the eight tabs displayed, three are relevant: 

Basic Information

Access Account ID

This must be your email address in the form

This is not the same as the contact email displayed on your profile

Changing the email address that is displayed on your profile must be done in the 'Contact Information' tab (see below).

Profile Picture

When uploading an image to your profile, any size can be used. The image will be scaled to 200 x 250px size when used on the profile page, or proportionately if it is a different ratio. On the gallery view the image is scaled to 100px wide - there is no height restriction in the scaling on this view. 

The image should be a standard .jpeg, in rgb mode, or a .png - preferably with a resolution of 72dpm.


Professional Information

Areas of interest

Summarise briefly here your main areas of interest, particularly those that might be relevant to collaborators across the Big Data community. In later sections you will have the opportunity to write a longer description of your research.

Job titles

Please add relevant job titles.


Add links to relevant websites. 


Here you can select collaborators from within the directory. 

Research interests

This section provides an opportunity to include a brief paragraph describing your research. Please write in the first person.

If you are cutting and pasting information from another website, please use the “Paste as text” option (this icon is a folder with a 'T', in the top line of the editing bar) to strip out any formatting.

Key publications

Please list relevant papers here, limiting to a maximum of 10 and selecting those most relevant to the big data community. 


Contact Information

Contact email address

This will be shown on the profile and does not need to be the same as your Account Access ID.


If you have any problems or queries relating to your profile, please contact