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Dr Frank Tietze

Dr Frank Tietze

Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management

Intellectual property informatics for decision making

Patent data

Technology management

Innovation processes

Institute for Manufacturing | Centre for Technology Management
Alan Reece Building | 17 Charles Babbage Road | Cambridge CB3 OFS

Cambridge , Cambridgeshire CB30FS
Office Phone: 01223 338083


In 2014 Frank joint the Centre for Technology Management at the Institute for Manufacturing. Before, Frank was assistant professor at the Institute for Innovation Research external link at Kiel University (CAU), Germany oldest centre dedicated to innovation management research. He also provided lectures to the Kiel School of Sustainability. He is research fellow at the Innovation and Intellectual Property Research Group external link at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Departments and Institutes

Department of Engineering:


Data sharing ; Systems Engineering ; Petri Nets ; Science & Technology Studies ; Big Data ; Longitudinal Studies ; Open Data ; Decision-making ; Time Series ; Modelling ; Simulation ; Analytics ; Databases ; Data-Driven business model ; Visualisation ; Natural Language Processing ; Research Data Management ; Machine Learning ; Image processing ; Data management ; Internet of Things