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Dr Richard Milne

Dr Richard Milne

Ethical and social implications of big data platforms in biomedical research

Epistemology and scale

Practices of scaling and the construction of big data


I am a social scientist research associate in the Institute of Public Health. My research examines the process of translating’ biomedical research from ‘bench to bedside’. It currently focuses on the implications of biomarker-based definitions of Alzheimer’s disease and of the identification of observational cohort research as platforms for experimental medicine and clinical trials. This work builds on previous ethnographic research in a neuroscience lab researching a range of neurodegenerative disorders, focussing on the connections between epidemiology, experimental medicine and clinical practice.

Research Interests

My sociological research examines the ethical and social implications of big data platforms, particularly in the field of dementias research. I'm interested in the consequences of big data for prior 'small' research and participants in this and in following and mapping the activities involved in moving between scales in research.


Policy ; Ethics ; Science & Technology Studies ; Big Data