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CRUK and Big Data – past, present and future

last modified Feb 23, 2016 02:33 PM
Fiona Reddington, Head of Population, Prevention and Behavioural Research Funding at Cancer Research UK

The avalanche of data and information emerging from cancer research in recent years means that the application of computational tools in cancer research and cancer care has become a vital and rapidly developing field. Bioinformatics has primarily developed to address this for high throughput or data rich systems such as genomics and proteomics. However, large datasets are also produced in cell biology, physiology, pathology, imaging, therapeutics, clinical trials and epidemiology. We are currently not in a position to make maximal use of the existing or future data sets generated by cancer research.


There is a unique opportunity to integrate all these different types of data and apply them systematically to improve understanding of cancer and its management and support the commercial exploitation of discoveries emerging from research. This talk will highlight some of the current , challenges and the potential for partnership