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OPUS - Keeping Track Of Your Research Data

last modified Feb 23, 2016 02:33 PM
Ripduman Sohan, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

EPSRC's open data requirements now mean it's necessary to track the data and metadata involved in the creation of every publication. Manual collection of this information is cumbersome, tedious and error prone while adding automatic collection is likely to be a domain-specific, time consuming and expensive exercise.


At the Computer Laboratory we have developed a system called OPUS that assists with the task of data and metadata collection for Linux applications. OPUS seamlessly and transparently monitors the programs run on machines and records a variety of information such as the files that were accessed and the user running the program. This is achieved with negligible performance overhead.

We have adapted OPUS to satisfy the EPSRC open data requirements.


During the talk we will introduce OPUS, show you how it can help you to meet EPSRC's requirements and outline our plans for the future.